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Running Wild

Our adventure starts as so many do: playing gear Tetris with an already-full car, followed by a brief stop to pick up breakfast tacos. Then, we are off, leaving Austin behind for the dusty scrub desert of southwestern Texas. We make several stops at forlorn gas stations in the middle of nowhere, and finally around 7pm we make it into the park and are reignited by the stark change of scenery—a rugged, chossy mountain range rising into the dusk like towers guarding secrets. We snap photos at a pullout, hungrily scarf dinner at the lodge, and drive to our campsite where we sleep on dirt under a full moon to the lullabies of distant coyotes. Continue reading Running Wild

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An unlikely sailor

The end of an era has come and gone. It was bittersweet, frustrating, there were some tears and arguments, and I skinned two of my knuckles while trying to carry unwieldy, heavy boxes through a doorframe. We all moved to new places, and said goodbye to that magical, unbelievable two-year stint we had together in the house by the water. It was a lot to say goodbye to. I still find it hard to believe that much of it happened at all. But we have the visual evidence to prove it, at least. Continue reading An unlikely sailor

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Good decisions, letting go

A small unidentified creature slammed itself into the middle of my windshield on Friday night, surely (hopefully) dying on impact as we traveled through Chelan in coal-black darkness, headed toward the Methow Valley. It happened so entirely without warning that my only reaction was to gasp sharply through clenched teeth and grip the steering wheel tighter to keep us in a straight line at 60 mph, unable to visually process what I’d seen until a second or two later.

We never did figure out what it was. Rabbit? Owl? Its trajectory continued away from the windshield as immediately as it had materialized, seemingly out of thin air. A split-second of tawny-brown underbelly and that sickening WHAM that only those unfortunate enough to have experienced the impact of a car against a blunt object at high speeds will know. And then, nothing. Continue reading Good decisions, letting go