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Any road will do

The radio broke approximately fifteen minutes into the start of our eight-day journey. A sign of sorts, perhaps, but of what? We didn’t know. Only that it served us right for buying the damn thing at Walmart, against our better judgement.

Our ultimate destination wasn’t clear. We just wanted out, away, far, distant, detached. Any of those words would do, any roads really would do, as long as everyone was happy and accounted for—that being me, him, and the dog. Continue reading Any road will do

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An unlikely sailor

The end of an era has come and gone. It was bittersweet, frustrating, there were some tears and arguments, and I skinned two of my knuckles while trying to carry unwieldy, heavy boxes through a doorframe. We all moved to new places, and said goodbye to that magical, unbelievable two-year stint we had together in the house by the water. It was a lot to say goodbye to. I still find it hard to believe that much of it happened at all. But we have the visual evidence to prove it, at least. Continue reading An unlikely sailor

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To Oregon, with love

After the island trip, where I sat half-clothed in a hot pool with several naked strangers, I had a few days at home before my next adventure-in-trade assignment required another u-turn of sorts: south to the Willamette National Forest.

On a sweaty slog down the Interstate 5, I paused in Portland to hand deliver my application and calm my jittery nerves with an afternoon coffee. It took me a white-knuckled hour to navigate through the snarl, but finally the road cleared before me, and just outside of Salem, I passed a sign declaring that I was now crossing over an invisible line marking “the 45th parallel: halfway between the equator and the north pole.” Continue reading To Oregon, with love