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Rock walls and rock poses

Lately, I’ve been searching for more ways to keep busy, keep sane and immerse myself in the Present while I have this time in Phoenix. A huge part of that has become the kundalini yoga classes we’ve been taking at an ashram just down the street from our apartment. In the course of about a week and a half, I have noticed an almost effortless ability to look my sources of frustration, anxiety and depression in the face and sort of shrug, smile and carry on with my day. I’m not even that great at the yoga yet, and when we get to the meditation parts during class, my mind is like a crazed dog off his leash, running about and refusing to sit quietly. But outside of class, in my everyday life, something has started creeping into my metaphysical self; as my muscles and joints and spinal column are slowly being coaxed and steered back into alignment and strength, so too are my currents of energy, mindfulness, faith, compassion, awareness and centeredness.  Continue reading Rock walls and rock poses

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South Mountain Hike: Holbert Trail

On Monday, it was Ryan’s last day before classes started at ASU, so we drove out to South Mountain and did a great hike on the Holbert Trail. Round trip was around 5 miles, and the top gave us a panoramic view of the entire metro area, as well as the mountain range systems that surround it from all sides.

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