You’ve been reading the words of Mackenzie Berg, a woman of the Northwest with a bad caffeine habit and a poor track record of saying no to adventure.

Once Wild Here is a running chronicle of her attempt to live loudly and with abandon, while avoiding hospitalization. The name was inspired by the advice of Isadora Duncan (“You were once wild here. Don’t let them tame you.”), while the stories within are true accounts inspired by a homeland that breeds characters afflicted with a never-ending need to explore. This homeland is the American West, where Mackenzie was born and where, no matter how far away each journey takes her, she ultimately always returns.

In between (and during) the adventures, Mackenzie’s CV reads like this: emergency department nurse, writer/editor and communications consultant, cartographile wielding the gospel of dirtbag travel, climber, goddess of pie baking, DIY-er, apprentice gardener, and artist. When it counts, that translates to formal training in medicine, anthropology and geography, intercultural communication, and international development/humanitarian aid. She is also trained in wilderness medicine, and hopes she never has to respond to your femur fracture.

While currently based in the PNW, her mailing addresses have at various times included Afghanistan, Egypt, Colorado, Arizona, India, and Thailand, and she has collected passport stamps and stomach viruses in an ever-growing list of other places around the world. She is excited that you’re still reading this far, and hopes you find something in these pages that speaks to you, makes you laugh, or at the very least, inspires you to shut off this damn contraption and go outside.

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  1. Wow Mack. This is so unbelievably beautifully written. Your words speak to me loudly and I feel a total body connection with what you’re saying. Thank you for sharing and thank you for encouraging me.

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